About Us

A big warm welcome to wilko

At wilko we’re all about enhancing the everyday. Giving people those little wins that free them up to get the most out of the lives they share with their friends and families.

We do this by making all those jobs around the home and garden as quick, easy and affordable as possible – so we can all enjoy getting them done together.

Supporting good causes

wilko has always supported good causes that are close to the hearts of our team members and the communities we serve.

Over the years, we’ve found 1,000s of ways to help raise funds for charities and local groups. From baked-bean baths to bake-offs, we love to get involved. As well as supporting local causes, we’ve always worked with charity partners to help raise millions for fantastic causes.

Our values are important to us.
They make us who we are.
They make us wilko.

They’re the benchmark against which we judge not only how we act as individuals, but also how we treat each other and our customers. At wilko, how we do things is just as important as what we’re doing. We only achieve our best when we pull together and go about things in the right way.
We care about how we reach our goals. We know where we’re heading and we want everyone to come with us on the journey – what’s more, we want everyone to enjoy themselves along the way.
'We're a family at wilko and we look out for each other, we accept and respect each other – we also look for ways to make things better and most importantly, we enjoy our time together!'